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About AZ Quail Today

Hello, friends of AZ Quail Today.

Welcome to the site! After years of lying dormant, AZ Quail Today suddenly started showing up again in some Newsfeeds on Facebook. An Instagram account was created and a video or two was posted on YouTube as well.

That’s because after some long talks around a campfire one night, Dan, the founder of AQT asked me to take it over. I was surprised and humbled. Let me tell you a little more about myself and then tell you the rest of the story.

My name is Ryan Rice, I am the Founder / Lead Pastor of a growing new church in North Phoenix, called North Valley Community Church. I love God, family, and country. I’ve been married 18 years, have three kids and three dogs. Our values our faith, family, friends, and fun.

My hunting roots grew out of the duck woods in Arkansas. Hunting has always been part of my family’s way of life and it still is! It’s more than a tradition for us. It’s part of who we are and what we do. From deer to dove, to turkey, to geese, to razorbacks to rabbits, we hunted it all!

But we did have one driving passion when it came to hunting… and that was ducks! We loved duck hunting more than anything! Arkansas was the duck hunting capital of the world, and I grew up hunting in the hay days! We hunted all the time. My brothers, my Dad, and my buddies. We hunted flooded timbers, fields, river bottoms, lakes, and sloughs! And we always hunted with our dogs. I will always miss those days but I will never forget them.

Years later, my wife, the kids, and I moved to Phoenix in 2010 and it didn’t take long for me to start chasing quail through the desert.

Shortly after moving here, I was looking for a dog and I met the one and only Dan Priest! Little did I know he was a local legend. To me, he was just a good guy, who seemed to know a lot about hunting in Arizona. It wasn’t until several years later, did I discover that he was the founder of Q5AQTAOA, and was a guide for big game that broke all sorts of records and won all sorts of awards. To me, he’s still the John Wayne of Arizona Outdoorsmen! He’s a good friend and a wealth of wisdom for Arizona adventurers.

Like I said earlier, it wasn’t my idea to run AQT. All I wanted to do was maybe start a podcast as a quail hunting enthusiast and interview the experts. But…Dan seemed to think AQT would do better if I was running it, so after some consideration and more conversations, I accepted the offer.

As I said before, I am not as experienced as Dan, but I am here to help! I love quail hunting and dog training more than any other sport or hobby. It’s a passion.  For me, it’s just been a big part of my life and how my family connects.

We will continue to provide educational content and information on Quail hunting in Arizona, and continue to press ahead to expand our influence in the years ahead.

Here are some next steps for us…

  1. Continue to expand educational content online.
  2. Explore new research projects to benefit AZ Quail Hunters
  3. Expand our sponsorships and fundraising goals
  4. Continue to offer coaching calls, consulting on quail hunting.
  5. Provide quail hunting, dog handling, experiential education for Fatherless boys and their Father-Mentors on and off season.
  6. Enlist educational expertise and enthusiasts to volunteer
  7. Launch online AZ Quail Today Live Shows on Facebook

Two ways you can help.

1. Contribute to help us redesign the website, finalize our non-profit status, and rebrand AQT. Click here to give Any gift of any amount means a lot and will go along ways!

2. Volunteer and be part of expanding our influence to serve AZ quail hunting. email us at azquailtoday at gmail.com